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My Hosting Story & Hostgator Promo / Coupon Codes

Posted on December 7, 2008

If you are one of my ten readers who are following this money making blog, you probably seing a big notice that:


Hostmonster, where I previously host my sites deactivated my account due to site causing perfomance problems.  This is the main disadvantage of hosting my sites in shared server environment.  Support specifically told me that the account suspension is due to excessive use of MySQL to the point that it is causing issues for others users in the the server. Now, the big problem is that most of my sites are hosted under this account, so when they disable my main account most of my sites have been inaccessible which drastically affects my online income. :(

Since I'm satisfied to the service of hostmonster which lets me Host Unlimited Domains On 1 Hosting Account for only $5.95 per month, I then asked if its possible for me to just reduce the sites currently running under my hosting account in them.  Unfortunately,  the support told me that he received a direct instruction not to re-enable my account giving me this feeling that they really wanted me kicked-out from their server - so sad.. :(  . Now I don't have other choice but to look for new hosting.

Opening new hosting account is one thing - moving blog (together with its content) to the new hosting is another issue. Somehow, I have manage to work around these hassles and after 3 days I'm happy to say that all my sites are now back online.

If you are curious to know.  I host my sites now in hostgator.  Shared hosting one more time, because its affordable and its easy to migrate and I can host unlimited domain in one account.  One thing to note, is that instead of using one hosting account, I now open two accounts and distributes my sites so as to distribute the traffic and SQL activities per account (not sure though if this will solve the problem that I encountered in my previous hosting account - lets see)

I enrolled for 6 months billing cycle and use some promo code saving me some bucks. :) case you want to know the hostgator coupon codes here they are:

Unlimited Domain Hosting Only $7.95 a Month (Check the link for baby croc plan)

Then use below code to save some bucks:

  1. HEART  (20% discount)
  2. webmag ($25 off - to expire on 12/31/2008)
  3. jury ($9.94 off the first month)
  4. wordpress (1st month is $0.01)
  5. GREEN (20% OFF first month)
  6. 404page (1st month is $0.01)

Save some dollars by using these hostgator code.  You can buy hosting account here >> Unlimited Domain Hosting Only $7.95 a Month

Now everything is back to normal. :)